At Somji & Co. we specialize in a variety of advertising and promotional strategies. Below is a short list of the projects that we can offer you.

Want to promote your business through the sale of varous items with your branding? No problem! We at Somji & Co. can provide superior in-house merchandising solutions for your business. From standard items such as mugs and pens to completely new and customised items, we are certain that we have a solution for your business.


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Corporate Leather Gifts


Give the gift worth giving. Nothing equals leather for its beauty, functionality and versatility. At Somji & Co. we are proud to say that we provide our clients with high quality customized leather goods. Our close relationship with our leather manufacturer ensures our clients that they will recieve a high quality, hand crafted and customized leather product.

As advertising trends continue to change rapidly, a gift of leather is a timeless classic and loved by all.


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Hotel Items


We offer a comprehensive range of leather and substitute material solutions for Hotel & Restaurant business. Items such as menu covers, wine list holders, room folders, blotters, bill presenters, desktop organizers and complete range of hotel

accessories are manufactured directly from our own factory.


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Large Scale Printing on Plastic Pens in Unbelievable Time!


Plastic pens are one of the most sought after promotional products. They are the most frequently ordered and one of the most effective ways of promoting your business. We are proud to announce our new service of bringing you 10,000 plastic pens to your doorstep within 2 days! Our new state of the art printing machines can print multiple color logos on plastic pens in unbelievable time!

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